Underrated Sex Positions: The Mortal Kombat

pest-control-stand-and-carry-small-50256In a sexual landscape dominated by missionary, cowgirl and doggy style, creativity in lovemaking is an easy way to stand out from the herd of cocks.  If you really want to make your fucks memorable it’s important to mix things up.

Today, we’ll be discussing a rarely used position that is definitely not a starting position.  This is a closer.  A finisher.  You’ve probably seen this done in various porn scenes, but never thought you could pull it off.  Well, it’s easier than you think.

The position: The Mortal Kombat.

It’s called The Mortal Kombat because, if done correctly, “you will finish her.”  Also known as The Stand & Carry or The Joyride, it was originally known as The Ascent To Desire in the Kama Sutra.  It is one of the best power positions in existence and should be in every man’s bag of dick tricks.

HD Wallpaper 1920 X 1080 3_croppedHere’s how to do it.

1.  Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

2.  Bend your knees slightly.

3.  Stand your woman in front of you.

4.  As you lift her up, have her wrap her legs around your waist or torso.

5.  Lock your arms holding her under her thighs/ass, and have her wrap her arms around your neck/head.

6.  Slightly bend forward at the waist to facilitate deep penetration.

7.  Insert, lift, use gravity, and she’ll be dripping down your leg in no time.

22635_2A lot of guys think they have to be bodybuilders to pull this one off, but there are a few tricks to help any guy make this one happen.

1.  Start in a seated position, have her mount you, and then stand up lifting with your legs.

2.  Do it against a wall, to put less strain on your back.

3.  Put your back to a table or the edge of the bed, and have her place her feet on the edge to avoid having to support her full weight.

If all else fails, buy a harness.

And you’re welcome.



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